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Equity Inspections

Property management and Escrow Plumbing Inspection

Buying or selling a home in the Houston area? On Point Plumbing LLC specializes in escrow plumbing inspections. We use a robotic camera to actually go inside the pipes to look for any issues. Through experience comes efficiency, and that is why we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the region!

We know how hectic it can be during a home sale or purchase, and we're here to help. Most banks will insist that you have an inspection performed before your escrow can be closed and the funds released. Your basic home inspection will cost a few hundred dollars, but this will save you many headaches (and possibly thousands of dollars). But, even if the home passes a visual inspection, major problems may be lurking below the surface - namely the plumbing. Our team makes it easy to get an escrow plumbing inspection in Houston and the surrounding

Sewer Line Inspections for Home Sales

Most home inspections are aimed at finding structural issues with the home. An escrow plumbing inspection can reveal major problems that are not visible without going inside the pipes. The answer is to have a video camera line inspection. The plumbing network within a home is one of the most essential and largest components of a home. But, often, a visual inspection only provides a vague interpretation of the health of the sewer and sanitary plumbing lines with in a home (the "gray" and "brown" plumbing lines).

What a Pre-Sale Sewer Line Inspection Can Tell You

Before you make what will likely be one of the largest investments of your lifetime, you should know that one of your home's most critical features is in good health. A sewer line inspection uses a video camera attached to a snake-like rooter. This allows a plumbing inspector to examine each nook and cranny of a home's sewer and sanitary lines - from the inside-out. This type of inspection allows us to see parts of the plumbing that cannot.

An escrow plumbing inspection can uncover issues such as:

  • Inner pipe corrosion
  • Damaged pipes
  • Root-damaged or clogged pipes
  • ...and other issues
Before the close of escrow, get a plumbing inspection. If the inspection reveals major flaws, such as extensive sewer line issues or slab leaks, you can use that information to renegotiate
the purchase.

What if a Problem is Detected

One of the great things about using a video sewer line inspection is that we can pinpoint exactly what and where the issue is. This means that you can avoid having your lawn and property torn up just to replace a section of root-clogged pipe (as one example). This also helps when renegotiating your home purchase. Targeting specific areas that need to be repaired allows the homebuyer to make specific requests in the purchase agreement addendum. Often times, if the request is vague, the repair work will be hastily done (or not done at all).

Is a Re-inspection Necessary

If you've had any plumbing repair work done to your home while it is still in escrow, you may consider having a re-inspection performed to ensure it was done correctly. But, this up to you and any respectable plumbing repair company should inspect the repair to ensure the problem is resolved before they leave the worksite.

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